Early morning walking tips

Early morning walking tips
Early morning walking tips

Early morning walking tips : Hello friend if you love Early morning walking but dont no how to start your walking then dont weary because here we are telling you some basic rule or tips which helps you to start walking in morning easily

Early morning walking tips

Early morning walking tips
Early morning walking tips
  • Go to a runner’s store and have a staff member help you find a pair of sneakers that fits you correctly. The shoes should have enough wiggle room between your toes and the end of the shoe and a secure fit in the mid foot and heel.
  • et light-weight, non-cotton clothes that can let you move around comfortably. Cotton clothes absorb sweat and will leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable. This means that you should get socks that are non-cotton, too.
  • If you get down to the actual numbers, then the average person walking briskly burns around 4-5 calories per minute. So, if you walked for 15 minutes, then you burned about 70 calories.
  • The faster you move, the more calories you burn per minute. So, if you’re walking leisurely, then you burn about 3 calories per minute. So, if you walk at a brisk pace, then you’re burning almost 50% more calories!
  • Right walking shoes is the other requirement for fitness walking. As wrong shoes may cause damage to your feet, knees, hips, joints and back. Invest in good shoes so that you enjoy walking without complaining any sort of pain in your feet or legs.
  • Ensure while walking that you walk heel to toe and not flatfooted to increase the speed. Touch the ground with your heel and roll the foot forward over the center of your foot; push off with your toes.


  • Make sure to keep your torso upright. Leaning forward or back will slow down your speed.
  • While walking, rotate your hips forward and backward. Your waist should twist as you walk.

    You don’t want to go on a run that ends up jamming up your day, making you rush out to work or school, and actually make you more stressed out, instead of being more relaxed.

  • If you’re running, you can prepare a list of your favorite “pump up” music. If you’re walking, some more relaxing or inspiring music can work, too.
  • You can bring your upper body into your workout by simply pumping your arms. It is an easy way to burn more calories while walking. If you want to tone up, use arm muscles during your workout.
  • Pick that magical time when you want to get up and set your alarm accordingly. Now, all you have to do is get up and wait for the fun to begin

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