80 Best whatsapp status all situation

{80} Best whatsapp status all situation
{80} Best whatsapp status all situation

80 Best whatsapp status all situation:Boys and girls here we are presenting for refreshing your mood one of the best whatsapp status like Good morning whatsapp status good night, miss you, love you, said status, sorry status,and coolest whatsapp jokes ever share free in your group,

80 Best whatsapp status all situation

80 Best whatsapp status all situation
80 Best whatsapp status all situation



whatsapp good morning status

whatsapp good morning status
whatsapp good morning status
  • May the Sun always peeps through the curtains and sees us wrapped In each others arms. Good Morning, my Love!
  • Success isn”t magic or hocus-pocus – its simply learning how to focus. Good Morning
  • Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: Love, Prayer and Forgiveness. Good Morning!
  • Language has a gr8 impact. Those who speak rude cannot sell Honey; But Those who speak sweet can sell Chillies. Good Morning!
  • Your body hears everything. So you must always stay positive. Good Morning!
  • Your life is in your hands, make of it what you choose.Good Morning!80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • If yesterday was lost in grief, don”t lose today and tomorrow by keeping it in your memory. Good Morning!
  • In every problem there is a hidden treasure inside. It”s your job to find it. Good Morning!
  • The right temperature of a HOME is not maintained by Heaters and Air-conditioners. It is maintained by Warm Hearts and Cool Minds. Good Mrng
  • The actual meaning of morning is more + inning, means 1 more inning given by god to play and win. Good Morning!

whatsapp good night status

whatsapp good night status
whatsapp good night status
  • To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.Good Night!
  • Sleep like a Bird; Shine like a Star; And dream like a Kid. Good Night!
  • Sky so wide. Stars so bright. Close your eyes. Touch your heart. Make a wish. Say good night. Sweet dreams face-smile!80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • You are free to choose, but you are never free from the consequence of your choosing.Sweet Dreams! Good Night!
  • Before going to sleep every night, forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.Sleep Tight! Good Night!
  • Be thankful for today”s little moments, because they are tomorrow”s precious memories. Have a peaceful sleep!
  • Even though I”m mad I just wanted to say goodnight and I love you. I don”t want you to go to bed or wake up angry!
  • The greatest blessing is a peaceful sleep coupled with beautiful dreams. My friend, I wish earnestly for you to get them!
  • The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still. Sweet Dreams! Good Night!80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • A beautiful night of Passion; A beautiful Star of Romance; And a beautiful Dream of Peace. Have a serene sleep!

whatsapp Have a nice day status

whatsapp Have a nice day status
whatsapp Have a nice day status
  • Difficulties do not come 2 destroy U, bt 2 help U realize ur hidden power.
  • Good luck is the willing handmaid of a upright and energetic character, and conscientious observance of duty.
  • Every ONE wants happiness,No ONE needs pain,But its not possible to get a rainbow,Without a little rain.Have a Nice Day.80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • A friend is the one like you who comes in when the whole world has gone out. Thank you friend.
  • I want to thank God for sending you in my life, And, yes! To you as well for always being there!
  • Thanks for giving your helping hand when I needed it the most. I`ll always be there for you. May God bless you.
  • Thanks for being so good to us. We are happy to have a person like you in our life. We all like your presence in our family, Keep smiling.
  • I am blessed to have a person like you. You mean a lot to me. A heartfelt thank you for all the things you do.
  • A friend is someone who understands your past, Believes in your future,And accepts u just the way u are.Thanks for doing the same for me.80 Best whatsapp status all situation

whatsapp coolest jokes ever

whatsapp coolest jokes ever
whatsapp coolest jokes ever
  • Most of College students in the world r sufferin from AIDS.Cant beleive,But its true…AIDS….Attendnce N Internal Marks Deficiency Syndrom
  • Finally,its gonna be a dream come true for girls.Dreaming for a man to come on a white horse,All thanks to the petrol price hike….
  • Universal truth,We learnt tht Sun rises in the east.Fact,Sun neither rises nor sets,Only sun rotates.Moral,Education spoils our Common sense
  • Sit n Cry for the whole day,Nobody shows interest to know whats wrong,But Sit n Smile seeing a Msg on your phone,D whole world wants to know80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Women are like Fruits.Every Woman has her own unique taste and colour.But The problem is the Men.They seem to love Fruit salad….
  • Differnce Between Theoretical N Practicle Knowledge..Girls Scores 99 out of 100 In Computer..Dont Even Know How To Turn On Computer properly
  • 3 Signs to identify the teacher…Stressed…. Depressed …….Still Well Dressed
  • 3 Important Stages Of Life..Before Marriage MAD For Each Other,During Marriage MADE For Other,After Marriage MAD Because Of Each Other…80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Student took his girlfriend to his home After Completing Graduation…Father Asked who is she….Son replied.My Campus selection…….

whatsapp love status

whatsapp love status
whatsapp love status
  • True love is when the reality of everyday life seems like a dream,And every wonderful dream each night is fulfilled in real life.
  • You are so special to me, you`re my joy, my love, and my life. Living without you will tear me apart cause you make my life worth living.80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • As I lie awake in my bed.All sorts of thought run through my head,Like why do I love you as much as I do.Then I realise its because u r u!
  • Where words fail, Action speaks. Where action fails, Eyes speak. Where eyes fail, Tears speak. And where everything fails, LOVE SPEAKS!
  • “Flower Turns 2 Fruit But Fruit Cant Turns To Flower” Just Think Friendship May Turns 2 Love But Love Cant Turns 2 Friendship.
  • Flowers are blooming in the garden make the garden beauty your blooming in my heart every morning afternoon and every night..
  • A man is Lucky if he is the first Love of a woman. nd A woman is Lucky if she is the last love of a man.Strange but true.80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Lovely roses and Lovely you.. and Lovely r the things u do.. but the loveliest is the friendship of the two one is ME and other is YOU.
  • Ur the one i love.the one I need.but bad mistakes Ive done indeed.in search for forgivness and happyness too.I want to say that I love u.

whatsapp miss you status

whatsapp miss you status
whatsapp miss you status
  • I SPEAK only when I feel my words are better than my silence..But Sometimes it may hurt or irritate others a lot..So,I love my silence..
  • Forgiveness When its not given in the rite time or When it is not asked in the rite time,You will miss something PRECIOUS in your life..
  • Do you know What”s wrong with,S O R R Y.It gives people the wrong idea That Any mistake can be solved by a SINGLE WORD….
  • Mom,I miss you very much and I miss all our long talks and talking about the Lord.Your Loving Daughter.
  • When U r alone,rember me,I am waiting 4 u.When u cant smile,trust me I can make u laugh.But when u r in a crowd of frnds rember,I am alone
  • Frequency of my messages may be less..but the time I remembr U is more.Thats Y science says that frequency is inversly proportional to time.
  • People say its difficult 2 wait for sum1,pple say its difficult 2 forget sum1,Most difficult is 2 decide whether 2 wait fr sum1 R to forget.80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Miss Meeeena,Miss Meeeena..Miss Meeena…Miss Meeena…Uff,now You R thinking who is Miss Meeena,I am just asking u that U Miss Me Na….
  • You may be out of my Sight….BUt Never Out of my Mind……..I MISS U.
  • I am in casualty now,dont say I didnt tell U. After 5 minutes,I will be transfered to ICU.Doctor told,I will die if I dont STOP….Missing U

whatsapp stay in touch status

whatsapp stay in touch status
whatsapp stay in touch status
  • Memories of our school days bring out the widest smile on my face . just wished to say Thank u for the good times . Stay in Touch Always.
  • Just that iam thinking about u… and it makes every day SPECIAL for me so , KEEP IN TOUCH.
  • As life moves on,you will make new friends,But remember i will always enjoy hearing from you, KEEP IN TOUCH 80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • My thoughts do wander left,right and center.. But most of the time they had in your direction.. keep in touch MY FRIEND.
  • Heart is the greatest cheater in the World, it makes thousands of different excuses to stay in touch with the person you Love
  • Friends may “meet”.Friends may “scatter”.But if hearts are “loyal”Distances nvr “matter”.Keep in touch so tht our Friedship grows”better”.
  • Sound becomes music, A Movement becomes dance, A Smile becomes laughter & Life becomes a celebration.— When old friends keep in touch.
  • Knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let u go I would find a million reasons to make u stay.80 Best whatsapp status all situation 80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Distances never separate any relation,time never builds any relation. If feelings r true from heart, then friends r always friends forever!
  • ?Stars are seen together, yet they r so far apart? good friends may not speak everyday, but remember they r always linked HEART TO HEART.

whatsapp sorry status

whatsapp sorry status
whatsapp sorry status
  • Mathematics and Women are similar as They both are complicated but…Maths is better since it has Logic at least…………
  • We love ourself even aftr makng so many mistakes.Thn hw can we hate others 4 their small mistakes.Strange bt true.So make habit of FORGIVING 80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Forgive Sounds Good Forget Im Not Sure I Could They Say Time Heals Everything But Im Still Waiting
  • It takes a second to make a mistake, but a lifetime to try and forget it was your fault.
  • Sorry is not just a word to say… Its a expression to express for a unfortunate event that experienced….
  • Sorry May Have Become Just Another Word, But Wth T E A R S It Means The World.c80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • Anytime you are angry that breaks my heart but my heart will never stop to love you.. sorry for that
  • Sorry Works When Mistakes Is Made..But Sorry Does Not Work When Trust Is Broken..So In Life Do Mistakes But Never Break The Trust ..! 80 Best whatsapp status all situation
  • A Really Nice Message.. “Trust means everything.. but Once you Break the Trust, Then the Sorry Means Nothing”..!!
  • The heart that knows how to bow down and say SORRY is the heart that loves the most

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